Thursday, February 23, 2012

Subbing things other than IY2

People have been requesting for me to sub shows other than IY2. 

Regretfully, I have to deny such requests.Why? I'm not fluent in Korean and it takes up to 20 hours (sometimes much longer) for me to translate 1 hour of footage. I'm also a full time student, I've had thoughts to stop subbing IY2 because I have so little time.

Next, I'm a SONE, I do this to support SNSD, not that I don't love other Kpop idols, because I do, but I only find time to sacrifice for SNSD. Therefore, no I will not sub things unrelated to SNSD.

Finally, I'm also human, I relished at the fact I didn't have to sub anything this week. Can you imagine 20hours+ of work...after a week of long school hours?

I'm sorry guys, I love to share Korean shows with you all, and it would be a different story if I was fluent, but I can't sub anything other than IY2 and some short (SNSD related) clips.

Sincerely, Jasmine (HeartsDie)


  1. Aw, don't worry about it, I'm thankful you even sub *THIS* show! :D Thank you for all your work, it is really appreciated! <3

  2. You're already putting in an impressive amount of dedication and hard work. I didn't realise what a commitment subbing just one episode was. Thank you for your efforts.

  3. :D I know I'm not the only one who appreciates all you hard work! Let me say you are just so beast(LOL not the group x])! I thank you very very much!
    <3 Hwaiting for all your schooling!

  4. I just want to say thank you very much for subbing IY2, I followed to you and I am really glad you didn't give up and stop subbing despite your busy life. I just can't put into words just how thankful I am that you are around to sub all these IY2 episodes for us. Thanks a bunch!!! :)

  5. no need to feel sorry, we all love you :)
    and by subbing IY2 is more than enough for all of us...

  6. oh my god! 20 hours? Really thank you for your subbing! Although KBS Word does air this on their channel, it's not HD.

    Take your time! Fighting!

  7. there is no need to apologize, you do us all a service by subbing this show so us non-korean speakers can understand what is going on. i work and go to college so i can understand that time seems more precious than it does for other people. so i thank you for putting in countless hours into these episodes (although apparently you have counted :D) and i hope you continue to do so however i understand real life might have a say in you doing so.

    thanks again for all your hard work,

  8. Can i just ad my heartfelt congratulations to the rest here?
    Jasmine, i am soo happy when i watch this bc of your great work.

    Only speaking English i would have no idea what was going on without your help.

    Thank you once more, Australia appreciates it


  9. Just to say I appreciate what you're doing with the subs. I know it's hard work, and I can't help much other than saying thank you for bringing to us these wonderful vids of Girls' Generation.

  10. Thank you for subbing:-) The only channel i think off when watching Invincible youth is yours xD Considering there are some others who sub but not as well as yours^^ you're the best(:
    You are Praaaaaised~~~~ *_*
    Sone Fighting:-]<3

  11. You subbing this show is just awesome enough! Without these subs I wouldn't have a clue what's happening. Thanks for all the hard work and please please please continue to sub :)

  12. I can't believe I found you! I had given up watching IY2 after Ep 8. Thought nothing was there. Thanks!


Thanks for the comment :)